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They make us what we are. A medium-sized German football brand from the south-west of Germany.We think being German brings an obligation. In many ways. From the high standards we demand from our products to our responsibility towards society and the environment to our own sense of respect and a positive attitude to our identity.

We are German. We might not be typically German. But we’re glad to be German. Our headquarters are in Germany. Technology, concept, and design all emanate from our team of designers, developers and creative people in the south-west of Germany.


Kempa encompasses all those characteristics implied in the name: a purely handball brand. And no compromises are made in this respect. We regard this as an obligation to ensure that each product bearing the brand name Kempa is designed to explicitly meet the sporting needs of handball. We therefore dedicate ourselves exclusively to questions relating to the game of handball.

Bernhard Kempa, the legendary handball player from Göppingen, lent his name to the brand. The "Fritz Walter of handball" became world champion in the 1950’s. He was named Sportsperson of the Year as a result and awarded the silver laurel wreath for his magnificent performance. Along with Frisch, his club in Göppingen, he won the German championship 11 times. He was immortalised by a spectacular pitch combination, the so-called "Kempa-trick".